Socially: the program provides very entertaining and enriching alternatives to street gangs, drugs and prostitution. Read more

Economically: the program saves the city council huge amounts of money in terms of policing, drug, alcohol and other social rehabilitation programs and prison upkeep. Read more

Culturally: it enriches the city or country. Africa still remains a mystery to most people. Its culture is little known. Read more

Tourism: many cities and countries derive a huge chunk of their revenues from tourism. Read more

Health: the explosion of child obesity and other numerous health concerns tied to inactivity in North America provides a good reason for the introduction of these dances. Read more


The heterogeneous nature of the human world calls for differences of opinions, belief, customs and habits, collectively referred to as culture.  Culture becomes the way of life of a people.  Being an embodiment of all aspects of life, culture is highly traditional, that is ensuring communal harmony and at the same time sustaining the continuous existence of these cultural elements. Culture thus becomes the main differentiating factor amongst human races and on a lesser scale amongst ethnic groups, which form the communities, that harbours the different cultures of the globe.


The Juju dance as any cultural aspect has a place of origin. This place of origin is the Grassfield region of Cameroon. Oku, in Bui Division of the North West Province of Cameroon has played a major role in modernising the juju society. This modernised version (modern ballet juju dance) has been diffused to other parts of Cameroon. The Oku Juju Dance Yaounde or Subi Yaounde has maintained its cultural originality. However, it has experienced a touch of modernisation and innovation to match with the changing time. 


This dance is centred on the communication between the musicians and the dancers. The musicians send messages through a variety of instruments (drum, xylophone, bar cylinders, metal gongs, etc), that are quickly picked up by the dancers. They interpret the messages and send back their response to the musicians through body movements and their own kind of coded message from the feet. This communication culminates in very highly thrilling choreography and songs. This choreography mimics human as well as animal behaviour and would change dramatically in the course of display from one track to another in inexhaustible music album. Learn more