Socially: the program provides very entertaining and enriching alternatives to street gangs, drugs and prostitution. Read more

Economically: the program saves the city council huge amounts of money in terms of policing, drug, alcohol and other social rehabilitation programs and prison upkeep. Read more

Culturally: it enriches the city or country. Africa still remains a mystery to most people. Its culture is little known. Read more

Tourism: many cities and countries derive a huge chunk of their revenues from tourism. Read more

Health: the explosion of child obesity and other numerous health concerns tied to inactivity in North America provides a good reason for the introduction of these dances. Read more


-Construction of Oku Cultural Centre in Yaounde with the collaboration of Oku cultural and   Development Association (OCDA)Yaounde
-- Creation of local Museum in Oku  
--Support of local environmental conservation groups in Oku 
--Recording and producing the music of the group in audio cassettes, LPs and CDs

*Honour certificate best dance of the year Cameroon (epi d’or) 1990
*Selected by the ministry of public health for the national campaign against AIDS December 1989. 
*Honour diploma for participating in the cultural animation of the world cup in France 1998. 
*Commonwealth second best dance (attributed by the Cameroon's ministry external relations) 1998
*Selected by the ministry of culture to represent Cameroon in the commonwealth games in Malaysia. September 1998.
*Selected by the ministry of culture for cultural animation during the Organisation of African Unity in Libya September 1999.
*First price best traditional dance in CEMAC forum in Yaounde November 1999 sponsored by PMUC.
*Selected by the ministry of commerce and industrial development to represent Cameroon in EXPO2000 in Hanover, Germany 
*Selected by the ministry of culture to represent Cameroon in the Olympic games in Sydney Australia.
**Participated in the cultural animation of the African Nations cup in Ghana and Nigeria 2000 
*Participated in the cultural animation of the African Nations cup in Mali 2002 
**Participated in the cultural animation of the Confederation  cup in France 2003
*Participated in MASA 2003 in Abidjan 

The group has performed in so many national and international events such as state dinners, conferences and advertisement. etc
State dinners:
*-6th, 7th and 8th anniversary of the New deal in Cameroon 
*Conference for Peace in the Central African Region (COPAC) 1999
*State dinner in honour of the visit of the Duke of Edinburg to Cameroon march 1999,
*state dinner in honour of the visit of Jacque Chirac president of the Republic of France to Cameroon July 1999 

*launching of Canadian lotto products by LONACAM in Cameroon 1993
*launching of Mercedes new Products in Cameroon by TAG Automobile 1999, 
*Inauguration of AFHEMI Foundation Museum October 1999.
*Nomination of Miss Tourism 2000
*Communication forum 1994, commerce conference 1998
*International Cocoa conference 1998 
*Central African Environment conference Yaounde march 1999
*Security summit for central Africa April 1999
*Pan African Association of Anthropologists conference September 1999
*Islamic Bank Conference October 1999, 
*Francophonie parliament July 2000
Cultural co-operation:-
The group has been co-operating with other cultural groups in Cameroon towards the promotion of their cultural identity as well as the socio-economic development of their various tribes back at home. The list is too long to list.