Socially: the program provides very entertaining and enriching alternatives to street gangs, drugs and prostitution. Read more

Economically: the program saves the city council huge amounts of money in terms of policing, drug, alcohol and other social rehabilitation programs and prison upkeep. Read more

Culturally: it enriches the city or country. Africa still remains a mystery to most people. Its culture is little known. Read more

Tourism: many cities and countries derive a huge chunk of their revenues from tourism. Read more

Health: the explosion of child obesity and other numerous health concerns tied to inactivity in North America provides a good reason for the introduction of these dances. Read more

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NKWAMBI Kennedy KENEH Nkwambi holds a B.A. in Geography from the University of Yaoundé 1. He started dancing with traditional troupes in Oku at the age of 12. This is when he was initiated into traditional music. He became a professional xylophone player when he joined the Yaoundé dance troupe. Young and energetic, he excels in a wide range of dances.